What size ukulele should I buy? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern For Edelweiss Bakery

I have been trying different sizes of muffle and this one that has worked great. The string diameter of this muffle is only 2 1/2″ which is a tad small. As for the string length which is about 11 inches it works great. The length can be adjusted to meet your needs. If you go up another 1/2″ you can still play this amazing instrument.

Does my muffle vibrate when hit?

Absolutely NO! I am a very low maintenance man and my muffle has none!

I have heard that some people have trouble holding a bass muffle on their shoulders. If so, can you help me?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been a passenger as this muffle just doesn’t go on so well with the shoulder straps and my other muffs I have purchased from different manufacturers all have worked fine and have been just great for that reason. The length of this muffle also doesn’t give way to give a nice comfortable feel with the shoulder straps. I have not noticed any issues with that as far as I can tell. However I have had it on my left shoulder with great success and can wear that on my right side. If anyone has any further questions please e-mail or call me at

[email protected]

Is the neck of my bass muffle waterproof?

It is waterproof with the exception of the two rubber ear pads. They will soak in water while you play and won’t come off. If you keep them on in the bass you’ll be ok.

Do I have to buy additional strings to fit this muffle if I like a certain design?

All the original muffs that are in the collection are made out of nickel nickel plated gold. This is just a more expensive version of the original that was made out of brass or silver plated wood.

Are there any options that can be adjusted if i want a larger or smaller width?

It is up to you! The width is also adjustable and the range is all pretty good. If you’re into a custom shape and size of the muffle you can order it from the manufacturer.

How often do you update your online store or your web site?

When the muffle maker updates their web store.

In addition to the stockist web site it is a good idea to check our stockists and our online store on a regular basis for a good deal. The best way is

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