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With every other Gatsby novel there seems to be some form of political subtext. In fact, I believe this is the first novel in a trilogy that includes three novels, and possibly a movie, but that is up in the air right now (I’ll write about that when I know more about it). What is so special about Gatsby is that he’s basically a throwback to an era when America was a melting pot of many different cultures, while also being uniquely his own – a unique blend of white American and black, and so on.
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This is the thing I love most about Gatsby and what makes it so memorable. He’s not really about America as we know it. He’s not like James Joyce’s Ulysses, the way this novel is so much more about the man and what he is about as a person, rather than about the country. There is very little of our history in Gatsby, but this can also be seen as a commentary to all the other books I’ve written which explore different points of view from the time period in which they were written. (And also all of my short stories)

In terms of the book’s themes. I’m sure everyone has an opinion on what they remember about the book (or have read about it), and many people are shocked and/or disappointed with the tone. This book is very different, not in its themes, but in how it was written. That in itself is quite interesting for me – I always wanted to write a novel that was like this. In fact, I often say this is not an “average” novel. I think that every time a novel like this comes out, it has to deal with a unique setting in which it is written.

The first sentence is this – “This was the summer of love”

Then, just like in The Tempest, we see the beginning of Gatsby’s first romantic incident by way of a newspaper advertisement; “a new newspaper on May 15th that promised a free summer of love in the New York metropolitan area”. We see the same old newspaper ad again (the “newspaper service”) within five pages. Again, the ad shows that all of this is the case in a city with a rich past, and in a city which doesn’t even know this past until almost a year in. Gatsby gets engaged to Marry Me, and we see the wedding day (June 21st). At first, Gatsby

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