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A flapper dress is exactly what it sounds like: a dress made with ruffled, sparkly, brightly colored fabric.

Flemish dresses are more formal and elegant, like the French-influenced dresses worn by the aristocracy. And flapper dresses are generally made from velvet, and are very soft (soft, flimsy, flimsy, flimsy, and floppier than a gown!).

Why do flapper dresses have sparkly ruffles?

Females’ dresses are very fragile, so they have to have more “show” to look their best, and a flammable dress was perfect, since the fire wasn’t supposed to harm you too much.

Females also love sparkles—but not on their own, they must be seen in conjunction to make a dress sparkle. So you need to combine them.

Also, by ruffling the dress, you’re allowing the dresses to sparkle when worn (which, again, would be bad if you weren’t wearing them when you wore them!).

I wear a flapper dress all the time, but I also like flirty dresses with ruffled ruffles, because they both make a fabulous show, but also add to the glamour of the outfit.

Other times you might want a more dramatic look – like the summer/springtime, when you want to keep things fun and playful.

In that case, it might make sense to go for more subtle ruffling, but when I’m wearing it, I still add sparkle to it.

This dress is called a flapper dress.

How to wear a flapper dress to a party

It’s so much easier to wear a flapper dress to a party if you wear it with a ruffled skirt.

For this, I’ve got a link to my favorite vintage and preppy wedding dress tutorial.

I’ve also just added my favorite wedding gown color to my dress section, as well as many more dresses to choose from, since I’ve had SO MANY requests for different wedding dresses over the years.

And remember; you can always wear a flapper dress at a cocktail party, too!

So pick your favorite flapper dress: black, white, red, sparkles, or a combination of the above.

And if you’d like to know how I do it in Photoshop, check out the full dress process

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