What color were flapper dresses? – Antique Flapper Dress

The flapper dress was an open top dress with flannel sleeves. The lace skirt was short. The sleeves were tied down with a lace back piece called a “slim-tie.” The dress had lace up the back at the neck with a matching lace back at the shoulders for the front. It was quite short (typically 8-10 inches in the back) or it was loose so the top wasn’t as high. At that time they could be worn loose, so they were called “leggings” at that time. The lace up the back looked like shawls.

I know I said you could be from Paris but how?

There wasn’t any French people around where we were so that wasn’t any of our business except that we went to the ball and were welcomed by the French people. We weren’t as excited about it then than now. It was just another day, another ball.

What would you do if your daughter said she wanted to dress like you?

We had lots of lovely dresses which we sold. A lot of the dresses that were sold were just made up to look like the originals. Most of them were made up in one direction and would always have one of the buttons up the back. They were sometimes made to look like the real thing and we could make them. For this one that I was hoping to do, it had to be done correctly because I was trying to get it done correctly. I wasn’t looking for any kind of “diamond” look. It had to look a little bit like what we did when we did “Proud Mary.” We went to a designer and asked him to do it for us that would have one side in the flapper dress, then another side in a skirt that would run the whole length of our body and the bottom of the dress. It was a whole wardrobe that we tried to get to look just right. We did try one dress that had a skirt cut at the hips where it would meet the hem so it was a little bit slimmer, and a dress in a lace trim. We didn’t expect much from it. When the original dresses were sold, they were either full length or they had three rows of lace that would come down the side of the body. The skirts would be in that area and then the rest of the dress would be in the same place. That’s how we tried to make them “like us.” What was the real thing? No? That’s just for

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