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There were three things that happened.

Bethany was pregnant. After months of trying to get pregnant, she had two miscarriages.

Her husband, Nick, had recently died. The couple, who lived with Bethany’s parents, moved to California and were now able to make the family decisions that mattered to them. They planned to begin taking their daughter to college.

In the past week, the teen-age girl’s life has been upended. She was diagnosed with acute preeclampsia, a potentially fatal condition in which the uterus begins to contract and expel blood. The doctor told her it was highly unlikely that pregnancy could save her life. But, to Bethany’s surprise, her parents said they would put more money into her college education.

“They said that it would be enough to pay for college and that he would just have to live with whatever happened,” Bethany said. “That was really upsetting, so many people, because it was my parents’ life.”

While she doesn’t feel any regrets for not going to college, it’s clear she feels betrayed.

“The situation just sucks,” she said. “I feel like somebody is taking away something from me, taking a good thing out from me

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