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Is there a time when a car and motorcycle are best suited to make money?

What are some of the mistakes that people make in their career that may lead to an increase or decrease in earnings?

What is the value of an auto in a financial sense?

What is the value of a motorcycle in a financial sense?

What is the value of a car in a financial sense?
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Which car is the most expensive to buy?

What is the value of a vehicle with a lower mileage and a $10,000 repair bill?

What are the most inexpensive and reliable automobiles that have been sold?

Can a car, motorcycle or truck go to the top of your wish list?

How does one make a good deal on an expensive car?

Would a car be better in one location or another?

Can a car afford to have a bad reputation due to vandalism?

Do not use the price of a car’s insurance as an estimate of value! The most realistic way to determine the value of a car is to determine the value of the car from the information available at the time of purchase. In addition there is a great deal of information on car history websites, web sites that offer car appraisals and web sites that allow to buy or borrow cars. When comparing these sources of information you MUST keep this in mind. As you research you may uncover facts that contradict another source or information. Do not put everything into one document as you will lose valuable information during your research process. Before you begin making your estimates you MUST decide which method you believe gives a more accurate price to the car than any of the other methods of determining value. How do you determine these values? Do you look at photos? Do you look at a car’s history? Will the car have to be insured? Do you rely on the value of a car’s condition and reliability? These decisions are all related to the price of a car and you should use that information to determine the value of the car. Can you tell where a car got its value? If you look close enough you should be able to tell how it got its value. What can an average buyer estimate the cost of a car to bring your estimate up to a realistic value? This is a question that comes up pretty often at auctions and it is very helpful when you are making your estimate. The best way to determine where the most realistic average buyer could guess is to examine pictures of cars from different parts of

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