What is a professional woodworker called? – Fun Woodworking Business Names

A Professional woodworker is a person who is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture Forestry and Forest Products Division of the Department of Agriculture to practice all aspects of the art of woodworking from the basic techniques to the specialized machinery which is necessary to accomplish intricate furniture building. Professional woodworkers work with wood, and are specialized at making furniture from wood.

How long is a professional woodworker?

A professional woodworker can perform his or her woodworking with a minimum of two years maximum.

What is a professional woodworker job?

A woodworking job is defined as the task of making a solid structural, finishing, or embellishing piece of solid wood that is an object of pride for the homeowner, company, or professional builder. This also means a woodworking job is a specialized job which cannot be achieved easily by a skilled artist or carpenter.

How old do woodworkers generally die?

There is a high rate of mortality for professional woodworkers which includes accidents or death of patients.

What is the life expectancy for an amateur woodworker?
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Professional woodworkers, such as carpenters, cabinetmakers, painters and stonemasons, have considerably longer life spans than those who learn to work the basics themselves as hobbyists. Many professional woodworkers have died without making woodworking a career option for themselves.

Is a woodworking job considered a vocational occupation?

There are many occupations within the woodworking world that are designated as “vocational,” but technically they are not vocational unless they have a definite set of skills that are specific to woodworking. This includes all of the work required to build or refurbish traditional furniture.

Is woodworking required education?

Yes. To take the Certified Professional Woodworker Exam it is necessary for the applicant to have completed at least 18 months of professional woodworking training from a certified teacher.

What are some of the skills of a good woodworker?


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