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“The most useful thing you can tell me is what I’ve learned.” — Robert Brown This man is not only an expert in many things that I know, but in more than 100 ways. His woodworking skills, patience and attention to technique alone have been my most valuable help in the past several years. The quality of his work is superb, and so are the prices. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Robert L. Brown, W.S.B.

Pine River Residences,

Binghamton NY


“Thank you for all of

your help. I have a

fault with the workmanship in

this cabin. It looks

fine but its just too ”

— Robert Brown I have owned

Woodworking Equipment for over 25 years. All is well with my Woodworking Equipment…and the best price ever on the best product.

John A. Flanders

Woodworking Equipment, Ltd.,

Newark NJ


“I wanted to express

my appreciation for your assistance

and to ask how you got

your information. I have

always been on the look out for

quality woodworking equipment.

I purchased your

cabinet only a weeks ago from

Woodworking Equipment

and it arrived yesterday.

I was so pleased with

the performance of the product

and the fact that it was

comparable to quality

products I had tried.

You got to be the smartest man I’ve met in woodworking!

I will be buying other woodworking products from

you again.” – John F

“Thank you so much for your helpful

information. I had a question and

Thank You for Joining the SPI Community! – Smart Passive ...
you helped me find the answer.

This will be a great addition, although I have

noticed your company sells

and repairs a lot of wood

staining. I will definitely

buy from you again.”

Ronald J.

“Your help has saved me a lot

of frustration and frustration. I have

been in several situations where

there was no way to fix the problem

(I am not sure if it was a

piece or screw). You sent me a

copy of the instructions, and that


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