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In 2017, many people are requesting handmade items from their friends and family. This year, many people want to buy a gift that’s unique from a collection, for example, and a few want to choose a piece that can only be made in their native country.

In 2018, it is expected that people will continue to like handmade items from their own country and also from overseas countries. The demand is expected to rise once people find out about products.

How is handmade an art form compared to other art forms?

Handmade is much like painting or drawing. Most people say that they love to make or collect handmade goods. People love making things, and they often like their handmade work to be unique. People do like to collect handmade goods as often, and they also enjoy the fun of watching people try to make a handmade item.

What type of handmade items can you make that can only be made in your native country?

Many people like to create items unique from other handmade items that is made by craftsmen who live their job for 30 years on top. They don’t often like to change the craft they are working on and they prefer to keep their craft to a minimum.

What can you make that would be difficult to make in Asia?

There are many types of handmade items that can only be made in the US, Japan, Korea or Europe. One example is the ceramic clay bowl. The ceramic bowls are used for cooking and decoration. It can be made in many different colors and patterns. Many people in other parts of the world will like having this type of handmade item.

What if I can’t ship my products to you?

You can send your products to our distributor partners in the US, Japan, Europe and other countries in South East Asia.

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