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If you’re the type of person who wants to build a custom home, and want to get the most out of the best-fitting items you have at your disposal, here are some of the best-selling furniture in 2017.

For a closer look at some of these priciest furniture pieces in Los Angeles, click the image to the left to visit our in-depth guide that features these items.

The Best Office Furniture for Every Budget

For more inspiration on how to save on your office furniture, see our guide on the best office furniture for rent in Los Angeles.

The Best Home Furnishings for 2018

Now that you know how to choose and afford the items that make your home a luxurious haven, our best of 2017 looks at the best home furnishings for 2018.

This book is the first in a series of five to bring together the best information and insights from different disciplines. These five workbooks offer a combination of theoretical and practical insight that will enhance not only the reader’s ability to engage with the many complex issues of the day, but also the students, researchers and practitioners involved in those issues.

The contributors include a Nobel Prize-winning physicist; two eminent researchers with a background in a variety of fields of science and engineering including physics, astronomy, medicine, math, law, politics, economics; an executive manager of large-scale computer systems and a professor of economics with a specialist in economic analysis and policy; a physicist; the first woman and one of the authors of the widely acknowledged work, “A Handbook for Economists,” and the co-author of the new chapter, “A Handbook for Social Scientists” ; a mathematician in the field of probability; and others.

Each of these authors is a noted specialist in one of the areas described. For additional suggestions on which to choose, please refer to the Recommended Books sections at

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The final product is a collection of books that contain all the information readers need to understand and navigate complex issues that range from economic analysis to basic science to social systems and beyond.

This Book Series

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an association of distinguished scientists and engineers, founded in 1776. At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, its members built new industries from the ground up by harnessing the power of the printing press and rapidly expanding the number of skilled workers.

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