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A) It could work in your case. Many woodworkers take jobs in construction and construction related jobs, sometimes as subcontractors. If you have a good working relationship with a building inspection company, maybe you could get a job just for building inspections. It’s not a sure thing for all of us.

Q) Do I have to get a degree to be a woodworking technician?

A) No. If you have a high school diploma, it’s possible to become a technician. A high school diploma gives you the right to become a technician. It’s something you should keep in mind if you are thinking about pursuing a woodworking profession.

Q) I’m interested in becoming a technician, but don’t have a high school diploma. Can I still be a woodworker?

A) For certain projects, yes it is possible. Some workers use a lower grade of wood than is required for a high school diploma. You don’t need a diploma, but you should make sure you have some experience in using the lumber.

Q) Will I need a degree to be a woodworker?

A) If you want a job as a woodworker, yes you will need the highest possible education to be a technician.

Q) Where can I go to get a school certification?

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A) The United States Military Academy at West Point and the University of Kentucky have their own programs that can teach you more about how to be a technician and how to get the credentials in your state. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the federal agency that tracks jobs, has their own list of woodworking occupations and their own list of schools. The BLS says, “The BLS maintains a separate list of U.S. vocational schools.”

Q) Do I need to complete all the requirements to be a woodworker?

A) No, the BLS says you need three years of basic instruction and five years of high school work experience. A state board of woodworkers can also work toward credentials. The boards often require a certificate so they can recognize a person’s experience but don’t have any specific requirements.

Q) Can I use my trade as a woodworker?

A) No, you need a license for the state board of woodworkers to issue. State boards can also issue certificates to certify this type of work.

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