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How do I have all the tools and materials I need to start my own woodworking business?

What is the best woodworking knife? What about the best table saw?

What is the best woodworking knife? What about the best table saw?


Welcome to the second round of this exciting Kickstarter for our project, Naughty Ninjas. We have a lot more content planned.

About The Film

Naughty Ninjas is a modern take on classic ninja classics like Ninja II and the original Ninja. I’m the creator and Director of the film and my team of young filmmakers is working day and night to turn the film into a reality.

This project is a way to share our passion for this film, to help promote the film and to make the experience a great one for the entire family. By contributing, you are not just getting the movie, you are being a part of the story as it is written and directed in real time while watching in the comfort of your own home.

A great part of this campaign will fund the post production of this project in the hopes that it may be released, hopefully in the summer of 2015.

What We’re Seeking The $12,000 in funds will be used for the following:

Image caption An explosion in July at the US Embassy in Havana killed the US ambassador, Michael McFaul

The US ambassador to Cuba has been killed in what the US State Department says was a “terrorist attack”.

Jeffrey DeLaurentis was killed in a blast while meeting staff who had just left the US embassy in Havana. No-one else was hurt.

“It’s terrible news,” said US State Department deputy spokesperson John Kirby.

The latest incident, which happened near the US embassy in Havana, is a blow to an already frail Castro government.

Security in Cuba has deteriorated in recent months. Since July, US special forces have been deployed to patrol the streets of Havana seeking to prevent incidents.

‘Unusual activity’

Mr DeLaurentis, who had been in Cuba since July, was in the embassy when a pipe bomb that originated in Miami was detonated, said the US State Department.

“The ambassador was in the meeting with some staff when the blast occurred.”

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but senior US officials told the Associated Press a person had been in touch with the militant Cubans, who had claimed

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