How do I start a small woodworking shop? – Top Selling Wood Carvings

You need the following:

A good knowledge of how to keep track of things like inventory (and where to find them), tools, parts, woodworking equipment, etc.

A good eye for detail and mechanical skills.

An understanding of metalworking (metalworking, welding, stamping, cutting, grinding, etc.).

At least one year of experience.

You will need to have some money and a positive attitude.

You will need the following skills/experience:

An aptitude for working with wood products, metalworking and/or repair


An aptitude for working closely with and in groups, such as small groups or small workshops.

A high degree of self-discipline

Self-reliance and a work ethic.

You will gain the following benefits through this course:

Access to a home workshop and basic tools;

Access to an excellent local woodworking supply store

The opportunity to learn and use woodworking tools, parts and supplies in a high-quality workshop environment

The opportunity to practice on a wide variety of materials

The opportunity to obtain a broad perspective of woodworking equipment and techniques, a broad range of woodworking skills (particularly those involved in the assembly of larger projects), and a good sense of design and construction;

A detailed understanding of the operation of various tools, parts and supplies;

A good insight into the history of woodworking and how it is developed both locally and nationally;

The possibility of owning and working on a home woodworking workshop

The possibility of acquiring some valuable life experiences in the process

The opportunity to develop and work with the following resources:

Good furniture (not just a bench or countertop)

Good craftsmanship, including furniture restoration

A variety of woodworking materials available for both home and commercial use (see below)

Woodwork tools such as router bits, jig saws, and router wheels

Woodworking tools that are of special interest to students of history and design

Woodworking supplies such as bolts, nails

Consequently, no matter where you reside, our courses are designed to help you start off on a positive career path. Please click here for more information about our courses, to find the nearest location, to register with us and to download our course schedule.

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