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What is a “firewall” and how does the firewall work? Where to sell wood, furniture, and other home items from your woodworking shop.

How to sell wooden and hardware items.

The Washington Redskins have lost two of their top quarterbacks this offseason and are trying to replace them. The team recently signed Colt McCoy to help in the passing game and signed Josh Freeman to help in the running game, but the franchise was not able to find another signal-caller to fill the void. With that in mind, the Redskins have decided to go in a different direction.

The Washington Redskins today traded for former NFL wide receivers John Ross and Terrelle Pryor (via ESPN). The team plans to use these picks on cornerbacks like Jalen Ramsey-Tre’Davious White, who is a good fit with Reed there to take away the deep route.

John Ross, WR – Buffalo Bills

Height: 5-9. Weight: 183. Arm: 35.63.

40 Time: 4.67

Projected Round (2012): Top-10 Pick

4/26/12: Ross was named Second-Team All-Buffalo after catching 50 passes and finishing third in the voting for Best Receiver.

The Washington Redskins need pass-catching receivers to attack the middle of the field. Since Kirk Cousins doesn’t have any talent to target the deep middle, he is having an awful time throwing to that zone. It’s easy on the eyes, but he is trying to do too much and sometimes misses open receivers and takes off running. Ross is a huge receiver who can be a weapon as he gets older so it’s a great move to trade up.

John Ross, WR – Washington Redskins

Height: 5-9. Weight: 183.

College: Georgia Tech

40 Time: 4.63

Projected Round (2013): Top-10 Pick

4/26/12: Ross was named Most Outstanding Receiver at his Pro Day after being named the Top Receiver at the 2013 NFL Combine. Ross was a great college receiver and showed off his speed and ability to make all the big plays you can think of in the open field. He has a big catch radius, and with his size, he can win many of the contested catches over big offensive linemen. He made a lot of contested catches, and he caught almost everything thrown to him. Ross is an outstanding returner as well.

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