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The best way to build a small workshop is to pick a basic piece of machinery. You can be sure to pick a machine that is in reasonably good condition. The first thing to pick out is a piece of wood, and it should be a single square of solid and thick, untreated hard maple. A single piece is very practical.

Some woods can break into the pieces when woodworking. I would advise you to get a single piece of solid and thick maple. Some pieces of wood can break, leaving behind a single piece of wood that will have to be soldered together (often at a loss) to make a workable machine.

The machine will have a working motor, although there may be the same number of gears as required to keep things moving smoothly. You will also need a set of hand tools, such as straightening or cutting rods, which you will make yourself with the pieces of wood you will be using, which you can purchase at the hardware store and assemble yourself. It will probably be easy to find hand tools of very good quality if you can’t find a good quality piece of wood.

The next step will normally include purchasing the required supplies:

A woodworking knife, a woodworking router, a saw, and a pair of saw blades.

One, two, or more power drills for drilling holes in your workpiece.

A set of pliers and a pair of pliers, for holding your workpiece together by means of a set of screws (which you will also make yourself). One of the pliers for holding the piece of board, and the other for holding the metal piece of wood.

A drill press.

After these necessary pieces are chosen, you should begin to add the more essential items to the shopping list:



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Bending jigs

Hand drills


Pneumatic hammer bits

Pneumatic screwdrivers

Some of the items listed have to be bought for their purpose, some for their appearance. If you are doing something like turning a lathe in your workshop and you need the extra jigs or pipe, get them. If you want to make a simple table saw, look for a set of jigs that you can use to hold the router on. Once you have found a few things that you think work well, you are ready to build or buy the rest.

What is a good machine?

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