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Tournament tournaments are only as complicated as the players and the stakes involved. A simple way to visualize how complicated the system is is by comparing several table limits:
When a player has a 1-point advantage, the first rule of table tennis involves the player throwing the disc as far as he has to. This is known as the “standard” table limit. When the player reaches that point, the player can put one more point on the board. An additional point can usually be placed by moving the disc to the opposite side. If the player places two points, he has an additional “point” to place on the board. Another set of rules comes in the form of “extra points,” in which the player can add his or her own points on the board. When the player reaches a certain number of extra points, the game has become even (or the game may become an automatic draw). Extra points are also called “tournament rules,” because they are specific to a particular tournament and may seem like a new and exotic element (a “tournament rule” in a normal game is an additional point, but there is no rule that requires an extra point in a tournament).
When a player has a 2-point advantage, the first rule of table tennis is not used. Instead, the table game is played with an extra player on one side of the table, known as the “extra players.”  A player can use this extra player to add one point or a maximum of two, without drawing a free pass. In a standard game, this extra player must keep the other players on their sides of the table, but this extra player cannot touch the other players (unless the “extra players” are on opposite sides of the board or it is an international rules tournament, in which case the opposite side of the table is reserved for the “extra players”). In addition to this extra player, there are two additional “extra players” who are only on one side, called “extra teams” on that side. These teams can only touch (not touch) the “extra players” on that side in order to be eligible for scoring. 
When a player has a 3-point advantage, the first rule of table tennis is that a player can place one more point on the board. If the same rules apply to a two-player game, the “extra players” cannot touch the “extra players,” but the extra point must be placed on the “extra teams.”
When a player has a 4-point advantage,

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