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The answer is simple: when it’s time for money, every casino keeps track of every player through table limits and the time of day that they visit. If the players want a particular table, they’ll pay more to play there.

What does this mean? Every player’s experience stays the same: whether they buy a lot of chips, take a short break and play with friends or play a full table, the casino keeps track of all of its players.

Does that mean you’re only getting a “good deal” on a table when you use it? Not at all! Some table limits offer an advantage in some games, especially those played with friends. For example, a good deal can be found if the table offers 3,000 or 5,000 chips. That allows one party to play the game for half of a regular dealer’s maximum of 10,000 chips. Or a table in a casino can offer a “limit” (a higher dealer’s maximum). At low tables, both players won’t be able to play the game without buying at least a few big chips. At higher tables, there’s always a “limit” and you can either purchase big chips, or risk losing a lot of money at just one good hand.

So you can take advantage of the table if you like, but know that there are plenty of strategies that make for better odds. This article is just starting your journey into casino gambling with an eye towards the long tail. If you want some free advice from our Las Vegas experts, check out our casino reviews section. If you have some feedback, please get in touch.

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