Who is the richest casino owner? – Secret To Winning Roulette

Is it Sheldon Adelson or Sheldon Adelson alone? That’s the question on many voters’ minds. It’s something most likely answered by the 2016 Presidential elections.

To help answer it, we’ve created a map of the top 100 casino owners by casino count and by amount of annual revenue. We know that Adelson owns the Las Vegas Sands and is perhaps the most influential casino owner on the political scene in Washington, but we haven’t gone as deep down the list.

In fact, a more accurate map for a 2016 version of Adelson – by our methodology – is the following:

1. Sheldon Adelson – Sands

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2. Steve Wynn – Wynn Resorts

3. Steve Wynn Jr. – Wynn Las Vegas

4. Steve Wynn’s daughter – DreamWorks

5. Wynn Resorts Chairman – Steven Wynn

6. Wynn’s granddaughter – Wynn Capital

7. Wynn Casino Chairman – Steve Wynn

8. Wynn’s son – Wynn Las Vegas

9. Wynn’s son – Wynn Resorts

10. Wynn Jr. – Wynn Las Vegas

11. Wynn Sr. – Wynn Las Vegas

12. Wynn’s daughter – Wynn Capital

13. MGM Resorts Chairman – Lorenzo Fertitta – WYNN

14. MGM’s son: Lorenzo Fertitta Jr – MGM Resorts International

15. MGM’s daughter – Star-Regal Resort; MGM Grand’s son: Michael Dell – Dell Technologies

16. LVMH Group – Louis Vuitton

Source: Nevada Gaming Control Board

And, of course, we don’t include casino owners who have not had any financial success in Las Vegas at all, or whose casino facilities only serve as a backdrop (and a source of revenue for some people): The Las Vegas Sands, Wynn’s Resorts, Wynn Las Vegas and Steve Wynn’s Wynn Las Vegas, among others.

This version of the top 100 casino owners is based on 2012 and 2015 numbers:

And we’ve included casinos in every state. (We’ve also excluded Las Vegas, because most of the numbers for gambling are at casinos in other cities or countries.) The list doesn’t include the largest gaming properties – like the MGM Grand, which has more than $1 billion in casino wealth and has a share of the Las Vegas Strip. We used

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