Which countries gamble the most? – Most Common Roulette Patterns

Here is how we calculated:

In order, the five countries with the highest lottery winnings or losses were Iceland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Finland and Norway (with the U.K. leading the way with $18.4 billion).

Lotto winners in the Netherlands, Italy and Malta also won big during the 2010-2011 draw. As for those countries with the most people winning, they each came out on top in this year’s lottery.

The 10 biggest givers in 2011



The Netherlands





United Kingdom



We’re looking for a new creative director who can bring the most value to Disney. We value creativity, we value the creative process, and we value all the different perspectives – both internally and externally.

You’ll need:

• A strong passion for both entertainment and social media, and a love of games

• Experience with design

• Ability to communicate a clear and actionable message to the team

You can apply online at

If you’re interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter directly to:

Disney Digital

It was quite a weekend for a lot of football fanatics. With just over a week left in the season, there were many high points on Saturday. And some low points. Here’s what I thought of what was going on in the US Open Cup as the weekend ended.

The US Open Cup Final

The Houston Dynamo were the first to fall to Sporting Kansas City 3-1. The game went down to penalty kicks following a bit of a heated discussion between Sporting KC and a member of the Houston PDL team.

As the ball traveled into the penalty box, the SKC defender went down hard and was taken away for a straight red card. The goal was scored by Dynamo defender Sean Davis. The Dynamo now lead the championship series 3-1. Dynamo fans went ballistic on Twitter as they were angry about a red card – but the rest of the United States soccer community got into the act.

It looks like Sporting KC will get some help from the USSF, as they will see their penalty kick saved again.

The U.S. Open Cup Final

After a 1-1 draw between Derelict Rowdies B and Fort

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