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It was estimated in 2014, but the Vegas Casino & Resort Association released updated numbers in 2017 showing that one of the highest earning jobs in a Vegas casino is a cashier. A cashier earning at least $15.70 per hour is considered a full-time job, which means an individual can have a full life after their paychecks. It is also a salary that can make the people who work in the casinos that much much more money!

As for the other highest pay earners, there are many different industries that have a job in a casino.

But, what jobs make the biggest money in Las Vegas?

Let’s take a look to see what jobs make the most money by Vegas job.

5. Casinos and Venetian

Casinos are a major employer in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. They employ the majority of the residents in the region. As a casino worker, you’ll be able to enjoy working at the Strip. It is known how hard Las Vegas locals work in a casino.

Casino workers can work for a variety of wages and different jobs can also be available. Casino workers will not only be required to pay taxes, as they are required by law to do, they also work overtime and receive other benefits from the casino.

6. Gaming Services/Casino Operators

Gaming services companies are an obvious choice when it comes to earning big money in Las Vegas. They work with casinos to ensure all of their patrons are comfortable. Gaming services companies will also give out free meals to anyone who visits the casinos even if they are not a gambler.

Another option for people to earn big in Las Vegas from gaming companies is to work from the casino, as they are the ones that run all of the daily operations inside of a casino. If that is the case, they may be making quite a bit in Las Vegas. It makes sense when you consider the fact that Vegas is like a small city in itself, and all of its people are trying to make things work.

7. Venetian Hotels

The MGM Grand, the Hyatt Place, and the Wynn each have their own casinos and each has their own gaming operation. These casinos have their own management teams who are working with the management of each of their casinos to ensure everyone is happy and makes money for the casino operators.

The main job of the management teams at the Venetian and MGM Grand is making sure everything runs smoothly. They

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