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A survey conducted by Envision Strategies and The Atlantic magazine shows that Las Vegas is not just a destination for the rich and famous—it also appears to be a place where wealthy and famous families can make the most money.

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas (or even just been on the Strip), chances are you have seen the many entertainers who play a role, or two, on stage before you.

While the list above isn’t exhaustive, it’s a good start. While there are probably thousands of jobs in Vegas that pay well above the U.S. national average (the national median for hourly wages according to U.S. Census data is around $11.13 per hour), there are some that are much cheaper than their U.S. counterparts.

In fact, many of the jobs listed above are also much easier to find in certain cities. So, if you’re interested in a job where you can have a big and busy life—without having to commute to work—it might make sense for you to head into Las Vegas!

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A majority of Americans, 72 percent, believe they should only be able to choose from available vaccines, and 73 percent think that no one should be prohibited from gaining weight, according to the survey of 1,067 adults found online and released Tuesday.

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“A lot of what we’re hearing in the press are really just stories about health scares or anti-government fear mongering coming out of the right,” says Dr. Frank Hu, a senior research scientist at the Pew Research Center who conducted the study while working for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “It’s interesting that the belief in public health is somewhat more nuanced among Republicans than among Democrats, since Republicans are much more skeptical of government or scientific authority.”

As for the idea of obesity prevention guidelines, Hu says, “It may be true that there are some people who gain weight

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