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Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Woody Allen who has been in custody since the release of Woody Allen’s 1987 film “The Big Blue”, has spoken. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Dylan explained: “The truth is I feel really terrible about what happened in my childhood. I know that it is true about a lot of girls, but what makes me different? I feel really, really good about this part, because this way I’m not the girl who had this experience.”

The young victim in the documentary, who is referred to only as “Jessica”, said she had suffered years of sexual abuse by Allen during his tenure as a teacher at her junior high school in New York.

Allen denied any responsibility for her alleged sexual abuse and claimed his girlfriend at the time, Mia Farrow, had written a book that was a way out for him.

A few years later, Farrow took her daughter to a screening of “The Big Blue” and said during the film that she was the girl depicted in the film. She then asked her daughter: ‘Why did you say that to me that night?”. Jessica Farrow responded: “I just was surprised that you talked about me the way you did.”

She said that she believes her daughter “lost it” on a personal level and that she “had so much anger with him” but had the strength “to be brave and really love him”. She added: “He was my best friend.”

Dylan Farrow continued, adding: “I’m not saying it wasn’t a sexual thing. But what else does it take to make you feel bad?”

The film details the relationship between Farrow and Allen before Mia Farrow’s death in 1999, which resulted in the birth of Dylan in 1985. The documentary also claims that Mia did not even mention her daughter’s name during their initial phone conversation.

Hollywood’s first black director will not attend the Academy Awards ceremony as he was reportedly unable to find a date in time

Jody Hill, the black British director whose film The Help won the first major prize at the Oscars this February, is set to remain out of the Los Angeles ceremony on Sunday because he is suffering from an unspecified illness.

Hill, who also received a nod for Best Director at the Golden Globes on Monday, is the actor best known for his Oscar-

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