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It’s not a dice game. But it is a very fun way to play a game where two people are competing for the same ball that has just been thrown to them. It’s a bit like “Suck a Duck”.

We offer Double Ball Roulette as a casual game that is great for a lunch or a dinner and you get to see a few people at once. In an afternoon everyone can play and enjoy the game.

This game is easy to play and great for all ages and skill levels. It has been around for over 60 years.

Double Ball Roulette is perfect for your children and grandchildren and also it is nice to play with a partner, friends or family. It’s a fun idea for a quick game of fun with family or friends and it keeps everybody busy for several hours.

How Do I Play?

Set your ball up.

Throw your ball to the person closest to you and they will roll the ball. You each roll a ball and try to hit the same person with your ball and then pass the ball to the next person and so on.

What does a ‘Suck a Duck’ do?

Suck a duck.

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That’s what an ‘Suck a Duck’ does. It’s fun and it’s a game that kids love. You can do this with the kids or try a kid friendly version with the kids.

Try the Double Ball Roulette Game with the kids and see what happens!

How Do I Play?

Set your balls

Throw your ball into the middle

Pass the ball to the person closest to you

Roll the same way they did with the ball you threw

You are out of the game when you score.

What does a ‘Hits and Misses’ do?

Hit and hit a ball

Hit and miss a ball

Hits, misses and misses

A hit and miss.

Hits, misses and misses.

Hits, misses and misses.

Why are there 3 balls? They hold different numbers of people

To help the game run smoothly we have three balls, one for each group of people participating in the Double Ball Roulette game. By keeping people from having to leave the table and start another round, this prevents the game being interrupted by the time it takes one person to throw the ball, thus creating a very short, but fun experience.

What is

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