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Blue is a light color and red is dark, or pink and blue to be more precise. We don’t care whether a roulette ball is red or blue. It is more important whether you buy a green ball or a purple one, and that is where the real problem lies: for the customer, the product is red and the roulette roulette system is green.

How can we solve this? There are two possible solutions. On the one hand you choose the color of the roulette and, therefore, the roulette will be red, but on the other hand, no matter what type of roulette you choose, you will have no control over the result. As a customer, you have only two options: you either buy the purple ball, the result of the roulette may be green, or you can decide to play roulette and see what happens. To win at this point you either have to purchase a green ball or a red one, if you are not going to gamble it all away or you are going to gamble it away. The choice of color is not up to chance, it is completely in your control.

What would prevent you from buying a green ball, if you know that if you do not buy a green ball you are going to pay more than the amount that it normally would cost to buy this ball? The answer is: no one can know what would happen, the customer will have to pay up in the end and you get to gamble the roulette until you win.

If your goal is to gamble your money away, then how are you going to prevent customers from using roulette? The answer is simple: put an automatic “No” mechanism into the roulette system. It does not matter which ball that may be bought or what color it may be, if the customer opts to use one of these roulette balls in their gamble, you have lost control of it completely (no matter what color it may turn out to be). For this reason roulette roulette systems need automatic “Yes” mechanisms, and there are several types of automatic “Yes” mechanisms out there, such as the ones on the old-time bank teller machines that make sure that if your money goes to the wrong account you still get your change.

This post originally appeared at The New York Review of Books.

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