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First of all you should remember that you are a gambler, not a game player. The best strategy to play roulette is to use a game of chance and to understand exactly what a chance game is. For instance: if you are a gambler and you want to learn how it is that you can win and lose money, you want to put together a game of chance that is easy for you to comprehend: it’s about how many cards you will get out of your hand at anytime. In general, if you know that you can win in this way, you can always decide to keep on playing, keep your card choices random so you can win more of them, but of course you will lose more as your draw deck is greater than your starting hand.

Once you know this you can play it like a game of roulette. In this case, your draw card is a bet; your betting consists in choosing a card from your deck and betting that it will appear in your hand. For example in the following case there is a bet of 20$ on the card A (i.e. with the following strategy you would draw an orange):

Play the card A in the deck and place your starting hand to 3:

Take the 3th card from your deck and place it into the 5th spot on the deck (thus ending the 4th card from your hand)

Take the 1st card from your deck, take the 1st spot, and place the 1st card from the deck on the face of the 6 card you have (thus making a 4-card draw).

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Now take the 4th card from your deck. From the bottom up, place it back in the 5th spot.

Now take the 9th card from your deck and place it in the 2nd spot on the 8 card; thus ending the 2nd card in your starting hand

Take the 2nd card from your starting hand: take the 1st spot and place it onto the face of the 5 card you have (thus making a 3-card draw)

Take the 5th card of your starting hand. Take the 1st spot, place it onto the face of the 5 card you have (making a 4-card draw)

Now take the card of your second starting hand and place in the 5th spot of the 7 card: thus making a 5-card draw with the above strategy.

Now it’s time to compare the probabilities of cards A

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