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By now, most people are used to seeing fake news online, and the Russian propaganda apparatus has perfected this art. The propaganda machinery is extremely clever and effective for propagating disinformation. However, one of the tricks with propaganda is that the message is never quite real. As a result, there are always a few dupes and fallouts of the messageā€”a few “winners” and “losers” in the end, and the message never really reaches its intended audience. For instance, in the case of the Russian propaganda machine, there are a few “winners” and a few “losers” in the real world, but the whole thing is never really accurate or trustworthy. So, while the narrative is consistent, it is never entirely accurate for one of those three reasons (or even many of them), especially not its “winners” (which is what most people think are true).

The idea of fake news being real is not news

Fake news, when used in this very specific context, is a very specific idea. Fake news does not represent a general lack of truth, truth is the only thing that matters, in this particular context, as most people are focused as they are on “the Russian meme.” So, instead of pretending fake news exists, we can understand why fake news actually exists. It is also useful to understand where fake news comes from and how some of our major news sources report on it.
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The Russian propaganda machine has a lot of work ahead of it if it wants to get its message through to the US. The media is not neutral

The media is also not neutral. There are all sorts of opinions and agendas pushed by the media, and it is no mystery why people pay a lot of attention to fake news and are very distrustful that the media won’t report the truth. Even those who understand that the media should cover the story in a critical manner are generally skeptical and suspicious when they notice how fake news is disseminated as a result of their “neutral” opinions. Even if you have been reading about news for a while, you will probably still encounter a news story that “debunks” a few of the most popular “Russia” conspiracy theories. The problem is not with the news itself, but instead with how the media reports on it. And that is a real problem for the United States.

The US media is biased against Russia

Despite the US media’s supposed neutrality, we can see that even though there is very little bias

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