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As part of the US government’s plan to dismantle its financial, economic, political, and social systems, the roulette wheel has been systematically dismantled. It no longer offers any chance of winning, but the system continues to offer a game that can offer a good game playing experience that can be extremely rewarding.

What is your favourite casino game?

I am a member of the ‘Lucky 7’ gaming association. I played for 30 years. I found that the roulette game offered the best value. It provided a good challenge. But they have taken the game away from most of the players and replaced it with a game where only the lucky ones can win. It’s like a lottery. No luck involved and no fun to play.

In a recent article in The New Republic titled “The Decline of the Christian West,” author David Brooks has a lengthy section devoted to the recent political, cultural and religious decline of American culture and values, concluding that this trend has been “long,” “deep,” and “long in the making.”

Among the many things that have been missing from America’s past are “religious freedom,” “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” “religious education,” “the right to bear arms,” “family and child care,” “marriage,” “life,” “religious freedom” and “religious freedom of conscience.” According to Brooks (I won’t bother to quote the exact words), those are lost, because as an electorate they rejected certain values.

He begins by describing two “major events” that have made life in the United States “shrift.”

One was the rise of conservative politics, which Brooks considers the “biggest single change” that has been brought to America. He goes on to quote Ronald Reagan as saying: “There is no such thing as culture war.” This makes sense, because the core of Brooks’s argument is that culture has historically played a central role in political decision-making. After all, how would American history have ended if there was not “a clash of ideas?”

The other event Brooks focuses on is the massive rise of religious fundamentalism in American culture. He explains that “secularism and modernism” were combined into a kind of religious right (this is something I am sure the reader already knows). The idea behind religion is this: If we just believe something, then I’m justified in killing you if you don’t believe in the same thing.

But that is “inherently divisive.” Religious

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