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The average person does not lose as much as many suggest, since people do not lose their money on average, but on a scale of billions to one billion, the average person would lose about 0.8 billion dollars in a 12-month period. So how much should we know about that?

It has been estimated, for the first time in English, that the average person won more than $8,000 in cash game in 2007. This is a big jump considering the amount of cash games used in America are usually not much more than $10 a hand. The data for the cash games is from the Federal Trade Commission’s Electronic Data Interchange System.

The Electronic Data Interchange System is an electronic database of all American-based cash games. It is made up of records for all cash games conducted in the United States starting in 1998 from the National Conference of State Legislatures’ website The information in this section is from the Electronic Data Interchange System, 2009.

These numbers are obtained using the following two formulas. Note that the amount of money won does not have to be reported, since the data in this section are obtained by comparing the amount of money won to the total amount of cash games played during certain time periods. The total amount does include both cash and chips. The total amount is then multiplied by .00035 to determine the average number of hand slips per day of play for all cash games. The average number of hand slips per day is about 1.5.

Average Number of Hand Slips Per Day

Cash Games

(Cash Games of Five or More Knives)
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(Cash Games of Five or More Knives)

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