How do you win at the casino? – Online Roulette Wheel Maximum Bet 5000 Instead Of 50

You lose your cards.” “What do you call a girl who knows when it’s time to get up?” “What do you call a man who wants to have sex in an elevator?” “What do you call a guy who works at a casino?”

Losing at the casino is very hard to do. What do you lose your face and name for? No one cares about your face. No one cares about your name. How can I gain attention through this topic in a way that is constructive to the human race? I have been working with other casino employees at our location. They don’t care that you use the term “clueless.” They all love the word “clueless” and want to know more. It doesn’t get any better than “clueless’ and you will find that the people who hate the word clueless love it.

Most of the time you can get a lot of attention for saying the word “clueless.” You can get some kind of reaction out of people by saying it. You can tell people that it’s wrong not to be smart enough/intelligent enough to understand when it’s time to get up off the couch. You can make people laugh through their laughter and you can make people angry that other people would like to sit on their laps.

How do you win at the casino? You take a break. You make a joke. You get drunk and get out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes. The more you do it the easier it becomes because you are getting your hands dirty.
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I’ve noticed over the last two years that some more people are asking me these questions. And this isn’t my opinion. This is based on my experiences working with people and on the experience I had with the customer service staff at my casino. It’s interesting to me. So what’s your own story?

I don’t think anybody has a full story. There’s no “truth”. Nobody knows. Everybody’s got their own experience.

One time I had to order 3 tables of poker and had them all ready, right in front of me. They asked me if I wanted two tables and I said yes. The waiter came behind me, grabbed the two tables that were to be ordered, and walked out the door. I went “WOW”. This man knew his stuff. I made a nice conversation with him and we had a good chat.


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