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That is the question at the heart of a lawsuit, filed by a Nevada lawyer seeking to force a gaming establishment to make public its computer systems with the private information of roulette players.

The suit, filed yesterday in Nevada state court, contends that the casino’s private data, including a client’s unique ID and credit card number, could expose players to identity theft. It is expected to go to trial in a few months.

The law firm of John B. Jones & Co. filed the suit on the eve of Roulette Week, the annual tournament when poker players use the casino machines to bet and play slots or a version of blackjack known as blackjack.

If the casino’s computers contain private casino customers’ sensitive information about their identities, it becomes more vulnerable to cyberattack, the law firm argues.

Roulette Week draws more than 2 million participants, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, making it the third largest gambling event in America. The casinos spend a portion of their revenue supporting the weeklong event with advertising.

The law firm doesn’t have the money, but argues casino operators should publish their own private information on computers and then warn participants of fraud. Casino operators could also have the option of selling the private information to a third party, Jones said, as was done in 2012 to prevent identity theft in the case involving Target Corp.

“This was a very unusual case, and it could impact a lot more people if we win,” Jones wrote on his website. “We’ve made several calls with casino operators, and while we have not heard back yet, it seems likely that they would support us.”
What is the 'Hit-and-Run

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