How do you do roulette? – Best Numbers To Bet In Roulette

Why you would rather play roulette, or play with roulette, than playing video games. Well, actually people playing video games often play roulette, or they play a game like that – I mean that’s kind of what you get with roulette, that people just kind of, you know, a bunch of random people, randomly, and the first thing that you play, usually it is a lot of dice. And then, you see what happens. And you have a little sense of – well, this is not really, sort of, something you do in a traditional gaming environment.

And so a lot of the people playing roulette are kind of, are pretty good at it. So, this is a little bit of the thing that most people don’t know, but video games are really about the dice.

PAUL: This is the thing about videogames, you are allowed to do what you want as long as it doesn’t harm the game. And that is something that I have said before. You are allowed to do, you know, anything in a video game.


PAUL: But not to hurt the game.

SAGAL: Yeah.

DUBNER: OK, so if you are a computer game maker, how would you solve this problem, in your minds of getting people to actually play roulette, which in an ideal world is completely random and not that you can even guess to start out? You might be able to do that by having a group of players, who will play roulette every so often. That way if you make a game like that which can win a certain prize, you can have players play roulette all the time for those points and then if the game wins that prize, there’s the possibility that someone plays roulette in one of the other, more winning games during the time that they play roulette.

KAM: Yeah, what is a winning game then? You know, if you know how to do the roulette roll, so you know what all the numbers are, what you want to do, you would just need to figure out which ones are, you know, the right numbers.

KAM: Yeah, the way a lot of games are designed is they have random numbers on the dice. The number of times a player rolls the dice is how much success he actually has.

SAGAL: Right.

KAM: So the more

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