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A man who is a former soldier and a private in the Israeli military was arrested over the weekend in the occupied West Bank during an incursion by Israeli troops into the neighborhood of Ein Zurai, west of Hebron on Saturday.

The 37-year-old man’s detention came following the abduction and killing in 2014 of Muhammed Abu Khdeir, a 19-year-old Palestinian boy, by an Israeli settler who broke into the scene of the murder in the town.

Police said Abu Khdeir’s body had been burned and that a knife had punctured his chest.

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The Palestinian prisoner, who was held in isolation in an Israeli military prison for 16 months, was found stabbed to death near Hebron’s Old City on April 10, 2014.

Abu Khdeir’s murder was one of more than 250 terrorist attacks carried out in the West Bank and Gaza during his 16-month detention.

A former soldier, Abu Khdeir was arrested by several members of the Israeli “Prison Battalion,” which includes settlers in the West Bank. He was accused of working for the Islamic Jihad militant group before he was imprisoned in an Israeli military prison.

Israel has tried since 2000 to try Abu Khdeir in civilian court, but he was never formally accused of any crime.

Israeli authorities have said he may have been killed by a “spontaneous explosion” in clashes in the middle of the night with Israeli forces in an area known as Beit El.

Last week, the High Court dismissed a bid by his Palestinian legal team to try the case in the military court, saying his detention was unlawful under Israeli law.

In our last blog, we learned that the current Linux Mint 17.2 release is based on the stable Debian Stretch. This was done mainly to make the upgrade easier, but there are a couple of important changes in the release. We are going to go through some of those changes here as well to help you make the most of your upgrade.

What’s New in Linux Mint 17.2

The main change is that the desktop environment is updated to Cinnamon 3

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