Do professional gamblers exist?

If you had to guess, we can only guess that gamblers exist. As I said at the beginning, this book is much more than an entertainment. It is an education, a call to action, and ultimately a tool for social change. As I showed in the introduction to this book, most of us have no idea what it is to gamble, what it takes to play a sport, or how to use our knowledge of such things to take a stand against it. We need to get beyond this ignorance, not merely to get back in the right mind frame but also to provide people everywhere with a new way of thinking, one that will lead to a more honest and just society.

In all, it must be noted that gamblers are everywhere—they are in public schools, in the streets, in the bars, in the churches, and on the streets! They must be brought under a special category for moral and economic accountability.

Finally, I want to add one final piece of information. In this book I have made a few references to the book The Book of Numbers, by John A. Casey, the foremost expert on gambling. I found it to be of tremendous value.

I have no idea whether anyone has read it, but the author has some interesting thoughts about gambling. Casey’s book is the only one to consider the impact of gambling on the individual. There are other gambling books, but none on gambling’s impact on families, on the children, on the young, on the young’uns, on the elderly, and so on. Most gambling scholars seem to have a bias toward the positive aspects of gambling rather than on the negative aspects in which many of us share—including gambling’s effect on young people especially, which he makes rather painfully clear. This book will certainly be of value to anyone who is interested in taking action.

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