Did the inventor of roulette kill himself? – Free Online Roulette Game For Fun

Yes and no. There are many books and articles that make it sound as though the inventor did, but this is merely because that’s how the author’s memory was brought up. This is not exactly what happened because an inventor was a highly sought out person and the man himself was in and out of the limelight. He was a man whose skills ranged from engineering to manufacturing and had a reputation of always being in demand. Some may say that the man died of a “cold and flu”, but it may be more accurate to note he was sick with dysentery when he died from the rigors of his experiments.

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The man was known to have left some of his inventions in his workshop on his death bed. He was also known to be very eccentric and prone to saying weird things. The fact of the matter is that he was a self made man who didn’t have a whole lot of money and was living out his dream by inventing a number of games and gadgets. The invention he was most known for was a game called Roulette, which was introduced in 1888 and has remained fairly popular ever since.

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