Can you play roulette for a living?

I would very happily do it, if that’s what you want to get out of it,” Mr. Sosnowski, 46, says before beginning the next round of games with his son, Brian, a security guard who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So does Mr. Sosnowski know how to play roulette correctly?

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“Yes, I have experience playing the game and that’s why I’m here.”

Now a father in the Pittsburgh area, he has to take two sets of game cards from Mr. Sosnowski, with his name on them, and then put them back in Mr. Sosnowski’s machine.

At least that’s the process he used to win the “Million Dollar Millions” poker game.

A few seconds, that much is clear. But Mr. Sosnowski is sure the roulette wheel will spit him a line.

“It’s just like a slot machine, you gotta hit the right numbers,” he says.

No one is sure about that one, but the stakes are set high and he says he can win as many as $1 million every time he lands a roll.

As he plays one game with his son, he tries to impress it on the kid.

“I just tell him, ‘Oh, you gonna see your dad get all the money.'”

So it’s pretty clear that the lottery jackpot is huge, but he can’t afford a house, a car or any of those other things you must have if you can afford to buy a lottery ticket.

“So I have to go to work. But I never do anything I would hate to do. That’s something I try to be very disciplined with.”

He works in an electrical business, working as a tester at an auto store, and says he makes money there, but the casino isn’t paying enough for the time he works.

“I really just want to help,” he says.

So he takes some time off. Now he is a father again, spending time with his three children at home in East Texas, spending hours on his iPad playing online poker.

“I play on the weekends, and I get my dad out every day so I don’t have to work all my time at the casino.”

And yet, after four years of gambling, he may still never hit the jackpot again.

“No way I