What is the best time to stop eating to lose weight? – Improving Diet

You can stop eating a lot at any time for up to 48 hours to slow down the impact of hunger, feeling hungry and gaining weight. If your diet is already low in protein, fat and sugar – you can use this time to reduce calories and fat, and reduce the amount of sugar in you diet.

How I lost 10kg in 60 days: My 7-step weight loss plan
This is a great time for you if you feel that you need a break from your diet for a while or there are changes in your living arrangements. You could, for example, cut the time you spend at work. You could cut down on meals or snacks. We offer a wide variety of fasts that are suitable for anyone of any age, weight or health status. For instance, there are special fasts for women, children and pregnant women and a special fast for people with a food allergy. The benefits of a fast range from reducing the risk of constipation to preventing or speeding up the metabolism. Your doctor will be happy to discuss any special needs that apply.

The best way to decide which foods to cut from your diet is to have a discussion with your dietician or a dietitian. You can discuss your current diet with someone who has successfully used a fast to shed weight and will be more comfortable with you discussing these special needs with someone else. These are called ‘special dietitians’ – or dieticians – and they work closely with you to discuss your needs.

How do I stop eating on days when I feel hungry?

We recommend using a meal delay when you’re feeling hungry. You can download your meal delay by clicking here

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