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The face of an orb can be formed from its orbiting companion moon if they occupy the same plane, such as when Earth-Moon is orbiting each other. These are called a “moon pair,” as the companion moon orbits from our Sun.

What is orbital period? A period of 1 day (21 hours) in relation to an orbital day (30 days) is the length of one day in Earth’s elliptical orbit with respect to the other moon. The moon reaches perigee and apogee about 1 month apart.

How far can a moon orbit the Earth? The moon travels about 15,000 miles (24 thousand km) during a close approach to Earth.

What are the gravitational strengths of the moons? As a result of that, the gravitational forces that each moon exerts on its orbiting companion is determined by the gravitational attraction between these two bodies.

How do they influence it? The effect is much larger on the larger moon than on smaller moons. The forces on a smaller moon’s orbit, such as lunar tidal drag, are relatively small.

What do these factors mean? Larger moons will exert more force on their orbiting bodies. This results in greater pull as the moon orbits. This gravitational tug creates a tidal effect on the Earth and moon.

This tidal effect is also called tidal locking.

B.C.’s provincial government said on Wednesday it’s taking legal action against a man who posted videos online about a confrontation with cops in an apparent bid to get revenge on the police for putting him in his hospital bed.

The incident happened on May 16, 2014, when a man in a white car threatened to kill four police vehicles during their traffic stops. One of the officers involved was killed and seven others were injured, but the man has never been identified.

“There must be a public interest in prosecuting,” said Attorney General Suzanne Anton.

“I think that anyone involved in recording and publishing videos about this incident deserves an obligation to bring their actions to justice, and we believe the public interest in pursuing this case as vigorously as possible makes it appropriate for our legal system to take action.”

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The victim, B.C. Chief Coroner Dr. John Furlong, has said the officer who fatally shot the suspect would not have fired if he were aware of a third party being inside the car.

He said after the encounter, the shooter asked if he could have a video of it to show what

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