Can chewing gum reduce face fat?

A study that was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that chewing gum used with a cream containing high-fat ingredients such as fish oil may be especially useful for reducing the appearance of the body fat on the face:

The researchers conducted an observational study at the University of California San Diego to determine the effectiveness of chewing gum with fish oil, cream, hydroxycitric acid, or placebo for improving the appearance of the body fat on the face. Subjects were divided into three groups. The study first evaluated the effect of four types of chewing gum in the treatment of skin wrinkles on the face. The second group evaluated the effect of three different flavors of chewing gum in the treatment of redness, dryness, and inflammation of the skin on the face. The third group evaluated the effect of topical cream containing high-fat ingredients for treatment of skin aging in the face.

Results indicated that using gum using a cream of hydroxycitric acid contained in fish oil had the largest effect.

This makes sense as fish oil contains powerful antioxidant properties.

How to use gum:

Use it as directed. The scientists suggested using it with cream of hydroxycitric acid in places such as in the eye lids and lips.

Use it if your skin is feeling dehydrated. In areas where you are getting dehydrated your skin will probably be more sensitive. But this doesn’t mean that you need to apply gum at night or in the morning. Gum is an anti-inflammatory and it will help soothe and improve your skin in these areas.

What’s more, you might find that gum acts as an anti-oxidant, reducing the oxidation of the cells that make your skin. This also means that it reduces the number of free radicals and free radicals produce a variety of free radicals.

To reduce the production of free radicals, topical vitamin E and zinc are recommended.

How to apply the gum

Put your finger in your mouth and gently suck the gum out of the tube. Apply it wherever you would like that area to appear.

If you are using the cream then apply it with the gum first before putting them in your tubes.

Gum as a skincare product

To help prevent wrinkles you might want to try this skincare product from the company called Moringa and the UK-based Ocura.

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