Who makes Krylon spray paint?

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What is the most popular brand of Krylon spray paint?

Krylon® Nails spray paint is the preferred brand. Krylon® can be purchased at many, many retailers in the United States.

What are the advantages of Krylon nail polish?

Nail polish has been known in the market for over ten years. It is a safe, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting nail polish. Krylon nail polish has excellent adhesion with the nail bed (nails) and is long lasting. It lasts in temperatures up to 250° Fahrenheit, is easy to apply and uses a solvent for application.

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What are some tips to help prevent skin allergies to Krylon nail polish?

Krylon Nail Polish contains the same active ingredients as Krylon spray paint, but it includes no parabens or phthalates. The product is used for years with no safety concerns about how it will affect anyone’s health. Do not mix a small amount of this product with a large amount of other ingredients. Use it only the way it’s supposed to be used, and only in accordance with the label, warnings, and instructions. We strongly recommend that you use it only if a dermatologist recommends you to use it. Use Krylon Nail Polish to touch up your nails, but not with your hands to be applied while swimming or showering.

Are Krylon nail polishes compatible with Krylon Nail Polish removers?

No. Krylon Nailpolish is intended for use on all nails that have used any form of krylon solvent before, but there are some limitations to Krylon Nailpolish. These includes both water based nail polishes (such as Krylon Spray or a liquid brand) and wax polishes that contain krylon.
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Krylon Nailpolish can only be used on acrylic coated nails, since this will only leave the nail in contact with the polish. Krylon Nailpolish is not intended for use with krylon acrylic coated nails such as Krylon spray nail paint because only the base coat of krylon acrylic is able to be cured.

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