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When it came to the painting of a masterpiece, the art world was divided into three camps: the painters, the painters’ assistants, and the painters’ assistants’ assistants. Today, it is clear that only two groups of artists were in fact at the top of the mountain: the painters and the painters’ assistants. However, there are those painters and painters’ assistants who didn’t have to compromise because they didn’t actually paint any painting. Those painters and painters’ assistants who had to work only on the side of artists were also, for the most part, painters.

It might be a difficult thing to believe, but painters’ assistants were actually not the painters. A painter’s assistant could be a painter, but a painter’s assistant could be an accountant. In that very situation, you’d have to admit that most assistant painters have some artistic talent. But there were also, quite obviously, many painters’ assistants. For instance, you could have a painter’s assistant who painted on the side, but an accountant was also a painter.

For many years, some art world leaders believed that only the good ones had the need for their jobs, while others did not need them at all. Many art world leaders, for example, believed in “art therapy,” painting in a studio, in a dark room where the painters had absolutely to remain, in secret, because of the possibility that they would become careless.

Some art world leaders believed that only painters were qualified to paint. For example, many art world leaders believed in painting in a room full of other painters, in the hope of having an image of two artists painting. Even many of the painters had a certain kind of vision and a certain kind of work ethic. Some painters’ assistants were a little different from them. It was a question of whether one could see in some of the artists an energy that could be of value – a “buzz,” something that would not give a painter the right to be careless.

Of course, the reality is that not all painters and assistants were of the same calibre, and that certain things were not always true. But it was possible to get a feeling that all painters and assistants were artists.

However, even if you couldn’t see in them a true artistic quality, it would still be enough to know the real reason why some people, for example, art critics, had the jobs

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