Is spray paint water based? – Las Vegas Street Spray Paint Art Las Vegas

Yes, its spray paint, not water, as most people think, its a water based product. Spray paint does not contain any oil like oil based paints do, the most common reason you may notice this is due to its dry brush technology. It’s not the dry brush that gives off a spray, it’s the brush that is held down by a cap which ensures that it can be dried off without the cap touching the paint as much. The cap is also what ensures that the cap can stay on as long as the brush wants to dry. As soon as a spray gets wet, it’s too easy to get to the cap and spray too much and damage the brush. As soon as a brush gets wet, it starts to release water very quickly. This is why every hair goes gray and it causes great damage from brush overs, even just brushing out one hair!

How is this different from normal shampoo and conditioner? In the case of a conventional shampoo and conditioner, it’s essentially the same as it’s any other shampoo and conditioner, it’s the ingredients that make the difference and that’s why you end up with a shampoo and conditioner that’s heavy, greasy, and often not even close to being what you wanted. Whereas with spray paint, it actually goes out all over the place and is able to control the amount of water it takes down to the paint and therefore help reduce the time it takes to dry. A brush soaked in water can’t hold on as well as one that isn’t, because the water needs to go through the brush to get to the paint. This is why it’s called “wetting” the brush.

Is it true that spraying paint has no effect on the paint? Not at all! This is one of my pet peeves with spray paint, that it doesn’t even stay on the canvas. It sticks to the brush and that’s why you can’t actually get it to dry! You’ll end up with a horrible mess of paint around the brush and it needs to be swept off or you may end up with a huge mess. This is why you don’t want to try spraying paint on an existing design and have all the paint run away, it doesn’t last long enough and you could end up with a mess that isn’t even paint!

What kind of paint can I use? For the most part, you can use any paint you want, most of it you can find in hardware stores or online but of course they vary wildly in quality

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