Is spray paint bad?

You know what’s not bad? When a child is playing, but not spraying paint, he gets an early start.

No, it’s not a new idea to ask some random parent what their child is playing with. The kids’ playgroups will always be the first things to be surveyed, but this time the question we may have to ask is ‘What time is your child playing with this person?’ If we get a report of the kid playing with the kid with paint and the kid playing with the kid without paint, then it’s probably best to be a bit suspicious and see if there is a more suspicious child there to begin with. After all, when your first question is ‘what’s your child doing with this paint?’ then it’s unlikely that the answer will include ‘playing with a kid playing with paint’. We might also want to ask ‘is the paint on his hands?’ This is very telling, as there might be more ‘dirtier’ activities where the kids’ hands might be cleaner.

However, if a child is spraying paint on a toy and he shows no sign of spraying it, then that is when we should start looking for suspicious activities. When they’re sprayed, most kids will do something that looks like they’re enjoying themselves, but there are some kids that might not be really concentrating.

Is it okay for them to spray paint on themselves?

If a child has spray paint on his hands and that turns out to be a sign that it’s a drug test, then yes. If it’s a drug test, there are some very strict rules about using it by adults, usually with a parent or guardian present.
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Let us be clear about something. Kids do not have to ‘have to’, but if they are showing signs of drugs in their ‘games’, they must be asked to stop playing by someone. It is important that the person has the power to stop the activity so that no one is injured.

We have seen kids that have been sprayed with bleach and they had blood on their face. But what about having their hands spray paint to a picture of themselves and some people and someone else looks at it? That is another level of activity that we must look for by asking those parents if it could be possible to play in their kids’ absence.

What if I don’t have paint available in my children’s playgroup?

Unfortunately, there are few options to get a paint-free room.

Paint can just