Is rustoleum a paint? – Las Vegas Spray Paint Artist

Are they both just painting a picture?

I would argue no more than a paint is more than a painting – but in my opinion the former can be used as a metaphor and the latter, if nothing else, provides a useful comparison.

I’ve heard rustoleum is an insecticide. So does that mean it will kill rustling bugs?

No, it will not kill rustling bugs. However, I have heard it be used in conjunction with insecticides to control ants and termites.

The Obama administration is considering using unmanned aircraft to track down terrorists overseas, according to a newly disclosed Justice Department opinion that provides further evidence that the United States has an increasingly aggressive use of surveillance aircraft.

In a recently published classified memo to FBI, the Justice Department considers using drones to track down individuals who engage in acts of “lone gunman” terrorism. The memo, which was first published by Wired, offers a glimpse at the possible scope of the U.S. government’s overseas surveillance capabilities. The use of unmanned aircraft that can operate at high-basing altitudes and at altitudes much lower than that of manned aircraft, would allow for highly controlled attacks that would be difficult for law enforcement to detect or respond to. The memo, however, also suggests that law enforcement could become less successful if they don’t plan for any future use of unmanned aircraft.

In the memo, the Justice Department says it could launch lethal drone strikes with the assistance of UAVs — which can fly at up to 300 feet in air at altitudes above 100,000 feet. Such operations could be “an important part of a counter-terrorism strategy.”

How to Use a Stencil to Spray a Design Over Your Painting
“Using UAVs, a large number of targets could be brought down simultaneously, minimizing the time it would take for law enforcement to identify the target and capture that individual,” the memo states. “This capability could be useful in a wide range of situations, including those in which the potential victims are small, dispersed groups or individuals in a remote area.”

In the opinion, the Justice Department says it may have an easier time finding a new target if this new “lone sniper” strategy is successful:

If successful, this program would not constitute an expansion of the authority to conduct lethal force operations, but instead would add an element of precision that would help provide an enhanced response. Additionally, as I explain in my response at the start of this commentary, we think such programs could provide an important additional element in the counter-terrorism strategy.

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