Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Easy

Krylon is the “old school” brand, a much older brand than Rustoleum. (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when one of the brands they refer to as “old school” is the “oldest”) They claim “100% BPA free” and “eco friendly” and are the only brand with this label now.

Does one really need the extra protection?

There’s actually a big argument about it in the environmentalist community. They claim the extra protectiveness of Krylon is a myth, that many people have not thought twice about using a non-PVC product when using a traditional PVC pipe. But then many of the non-PVC pipe manufacturers make their product with PVC so the claim is hard to defend if they’re claiming PVA protects the pipe in every scenario. (They certainly may, but it’s hard to verify it for those using non-PVC products.)

Is there anything you don’t use, or if so, why?

We probably shouldn’t use any other products because they could be toxic. (There was a bit of discussion about this on Reddit, but it seems like there is some truth to the rumors.)

For the longest time we also didn’t use soap or detergent because it was only a few dollars a pop on our bathroom scale and we didn’t need a huge, messy clean up! When we added it to the list of items people often used in bathrooms, we became more and more cautious on what we use and what we don’t. If there is something we need to be cautious of (like paper towels, a tub of shampoo, etc), we’ll look into it before we use it.

How can I find products in my area?

Here’s all we’ve got now…

How can I make it easier for you guys to find the products I recommend above?

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