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I’m sure the answer is already out there, I tried a few, they ended up looking like this, but at the end of the day, it is all based on physics and how much pressure you need to remove a layer of paint. A very popular spray pen I tried had an open nozzle and had a lot of water to work with. While the spray went well, I couldn’t get the paint on my floor from being blocked. To work around this, I needed the nozzle for the spray pen to be closed, as it is with a compressor. I took a small piece of foamboard and glued it to the bottom of the nozzle. I found out later that the foam board is really strong and had to be used a little extra care.

I used a brush to put as much paint on as I could in a few minutes. After the paint dried, I had a smooth, clean floor with no leaks. If you try this with a dry-erase marker, you have to wait a few days for it to dry, as the pen won’t be able to reach full pressure if it doesn’t dry fast.

Next step, I glued up the foam board with clear glue. I put this up to make a “fins”, so when I paint, I can paint it into the foam board. Once I had the fins, I put up a board so the paint could get in.

There are a couple things that I was worried about when I started this project. First, how long is a “dry” paint line on a floor? Is this a good length? Second, would they hold water? Third, would the foam board have to be completely dry before I could use it? There were a couple of reasons why I wanted them to. First, if I leave water in the foam, I’d have to start over, this could ruin my floor and paint. Second, they are designed to be put over a foamboard floor so I would have complete freedom to shape my floor with the foam I want to put on. If I want to change my floor, I can do that. I wanted to test them on a carpet first before I paint, but I never got that far.

Next time around, I started with a smaller piece of foam board. I didn’t want to just spray paint my whole floor to clean it up. I decided to just start with a section and work my way around it to cover everything. Once I knew the size of my

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