How do I start spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Easy

You’ll need to go find a good supply. One that has high pressure and it isn’t going to be too dark or too light. Spray paint is good for all purposes. For this tutorial I used a spray can full of paint. I usually get around 5 coats of it. I will explain the process for the second tutorial at the end of this page.

First off is a picture of the piece that you are going to paint.

I’m using a small bottle that I purchased at a local art supply store (it is a different colored one, but that’s a good point to note). I can’t emphasize how important it is to buy paint you see as close to the color as possible. I’m using a “Light Blue” color. It is also very important to have the paint you choose come with the bottle ready to paint. The amount of paint that is in the container is determined by where the paint is labeled and your spray can or paint pot. If you are going to be painting multiple pieces of the same color on your wall, make sure you are going to have a good amount, like 3 to 4 gallons of paint. It is good to get a couple of coats of your paint in the container because it can build up a lot of build up from spraying in the same area over and over and over again.

I like to start by painting a small amount of paint on a small paperclip brush to start. It is best to start on one side or area. If you don’t have a small paintbrush, you can use a regular piece of paper clip paint, but you can also spray the paperclip with a bit of black spray paint in between the sections to make sure your paint comes through to the other side of your wall. You can also use a paperclip brush to paint on the paperclip.

Use your spray bottle (with 1 ounce of paint going into each cup) or pot and put the bottle in a gallon sized plastic bag (I have a few gallon sized bags that the spray bottle fit in, so I don’t buy a large one for each piece of wall I paint).

In my case I sprayed the side of the painting with 1 ounce of paint onto the paperclip paint and let it dry completely (4 hours).

After that I removed the paperclip paint and I sprayed on another 1 ounce of paint all around my piece. I let it dry completely for an additional 4 hours.

When it’s dry you’ll just need

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