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This is the most common answer: because the enamel itself requires a protective coating and Rustoleum enamel is not paint resistant. Rustoleum enamel works as a sealant for most metal surfaces and this will protect it while other coatings will not resist the corrosion and damage. This is why it is used for most interior glass (glass that is not metal) and metal work such as countertops. It is not so much paint as corrosion protectant. It’s not recommended for ceramic tile and plastic as these have a higher rate of surface damage. There is a reason you are told to apply primer to enamel when applied on enameled materials! You can’t use spray primer, spray paint or anything else to cover an uninsulated surface and apply Rustoleum enamel. Rustoleum enamel is not paintable. What else do you have to add to this answer to answer the most important question!

To me the enamel looks the same because it is a natural finish. There is no paint! Yes, Rustoleum would apply the paint to the enamel. Is there any danger of having rust, corrosion and the like?

As you can imagine, if any paint could scratch the enamel then this is a bad thing! The solution is to apply a small amount of wax to the surface of the enamel to prevent the paint from sticking to the surface of the enamel. If the paint does get on, then just wipe up the excess with a rag or cloth while it is still wet.
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There are a few places you can find rust and corrosion prevention products. If you are looking for a rust prevention product, you can find them on the Rustoleum web site for Enamel. They make enameled ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles. They all have various levels of protection and are great for interior applications. They are not recommended for exterior applications where the risk is higher because we are not concerned with corrosion. I would use the product I listed for exterior, but they have a good option with this product of a spray bottle or spray bottle applicator. They don’t make it specifically for enamel, but just spray the product onto the enamel with a brush and apply by hand.

Rust and corrosion preventative products that you can buy are easy to find and usually are on the shelf next to the Enamel range. Rust-Oleum is also available, but the cost is higher. There are many products on the market to keep paint off of

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