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I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be pretty cool to have them painted onto a canvas, right?

That said, you can make a small paint brush, by soaking a few pieces of paint in water, and gently wetting them with sandpaper before painting. I would probably buy a paint brush, but if you don’t have one, you are good to go.

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This is my first time using the new 3D printer from i3D. I was pretty much new to it when i picked it up so my pictures are not very clear. So I’ll be uploading them one by one.

I chose the Lulzbot Mini with a X9 Motors for this build. I bought the 4th-gen of the Lulzbot 3D Printer (x2) and I really like the new 3D Printing process.

I ordered three of the parts for this and got them from ebay for $8 including shipping.

The X9 Motors:

The two motors get to work from 8:00AM-1:00PM.

You can see how I wired them together with a single cable from one of them to the second. Also note how I have a couple of extra wires (green and red) on the end of them for an additional torque on the motors.

The printer took a little extra time to get started for this build because it requires a different extruder for each new part; so I made sure I had the correct extruder for every part I bought.

After I got everything setup you can see they fit together very nicely.

The build process is very straight forward, i have a few tweaks (I used different plastic colors as well since this was not my first time with this printer). You could do this with any 3D printer, except if it was an i3.

When the print is complete you can check if everything is assembled like in the pictures above. If you do that you will get the good news that you can take apart the main board, open the plastic housing and then remove the electronics (there are plastic caps on the bottom).

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