Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – How To Make A Moon With Spray Paint

And if you can, which ones?

I’ve done my nails before. You know, like, a whole bunch of them. I guess that’s something with my nails; sometimes you just don’t know. Like, I did a lot of red polka dots last summer and that definitely did something with them, so I don’t know.

What’s the last thing that you did during the day that you felt like would be good to share? Was it a day you didn’t want to do anything with your hands at all?

Probably. Last week I made a few more little pieces for sale online. Yeah, I usually don’t do very much because I have a good feeling about it, but last week it was a little bit of a bad feeling; I was thinking “I don’t know what to do” for a while. But today I made a very small piece in a brown and white, which is quite popular here, so I decided, well, maybe that’s enough!

What are YOU most excited about in 2017?

It’s hard to pick one, I guess because everyone is different and everything that I plan to create in 2017 is different. I suppose being able to see everything in a day is going to be my favorite.

Where are you at with this year’s releases? What do you think are some projects that you’ll be doing? Or some of the most-anticipated releases, like your collaboration with the Black Milk Foundation?

I’m in San Francisco right now, and I’m doing a few of my friends from Chicago come and visit me. So yeah, a bunch of other things are planned – I might be going in a couple hours to work on a couple of videos I made with this guy – so that’s definitely going to keep me busy for a while now.

Can you share any of your best moments from this past year? Where were you working through your creativity while you were in Vegas?

It’s funny, because people tend to think that everything that I was doing in 2016 and 2017 would be pretty successful at the moment because I did quite a few of them. But I actually did a lot less than I planned on doing, honestly. I’m like…I just don’t feel inspired at all at the moment, so I’m kind of trying to relax a little bit in everything.

I got to do a big, long collaborative project with T-Pain recently this summer, which was amazing. It was

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