Can I spray paint paper? – New York City Spray Paint Street Artist

When spraying paint, I sometimes use paper to apply a rough top coat. The paper doesn’t absorb any ink, so it isn’t possible to apply a perfect coat. You can still go back and spray any fine parts after the first coat, though.

Can I mix up a new paint without the old on the paint palette, and then spray that on the palette?

Yes. Simply use a wet sponge (a non-toxic wet noodle that is easy to clean). Once you have an area that you’ve covered with new paint, start on the old paint to blend the two. Once done, it’s time to spray on the new paint, and then remove the old. The new paint will only be on the new areas, or they won’t blend together to form a new surface.

Can I use the same paint for the top coat to create a glossy finish, and then cover it with another protective layer, similar to spray finishing?

No. The gloss is the only difference, but the two layers overlap, so there isn’t a good way to apply two separate glosses to one area.

Can I use spray paint on foam, plastic or other non-adhesive materials?

Absolutely, but you must keep it away from any surfaces that are likely to be wet or to come into contact with liquids. You would want a dry sponge when using it with these materials.

Can I use a paintbrush to spray paint on a polyurethane board, paper, or foam board?

Yes, you can use paintbrush or brush to spray all kinds of surfaces. If you are in a hurry, spray a small amount on one side of the surface, let the spray dry and then move to the other side.

Can I use a non-aerosol paint when spraying paint?

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